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What we offer

Pilates in Wiesbaden

Pilates private and duo lessons are arranged individually. To book an appointment online, click here.

Pilates personal training

Costs: 70€ für 50 Minutes

This is the most effective way to learn the Pilates method. The training session is put together so that you can achieve your training goals as quickly and sustainably as possible. Recommended if you are just starting out with Pilates. So you can internalize the exercise principles right from the start and then continue to train in a group, as a duo or solo.

Pilates Duo

35€ per Person 50 Minutes

In a duo session you train in pairs. It is a perfect solution for friends or partners who do Pilates at a similar level. As a trainer, I make sure that you are well looked after and that you enjoy training together.

Why Pilates?

Find inner peace, get stronger, become more flexible, get a better body feeling. These are mostly our wishes. The first thought is often: exercise, stretching! But why exactly Pilates? This training method, invented by the German gymnast and boxer Joseph Pilates, activates and strengthens the deep muscles, improves mobility and increases body awareness. During the lesson we train the whole body. The exercises, supplemented with breathing, are built on one another in such a way that the quality of movement improves continuously. It is often said that Pilates is a gentle exercise method. This should not deceive you, because you also work up a sweat with these exercises and are challenged!

Opening hours

Osteopathy und Pilates

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